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Welcome to the ESCUDO TOKEN SALE!

To participate in this whitelist sale of ESCUDO token, please select your desired quantity of ESCUDO 100-stacks.

Why Escudo?

Escudo is a native utility token of the Digital Portugal app. App is freely available in Apple AppStore and Google Play market by visiting the app-link: https://go.digital.pt

Digital Portugal is a regional social network and a catalog of selected vendors. ESCUDO has no affiliation with the Portuguese government and is designed to be owned by people.

How Is ESCUDO Token Used?

The Escudo utility token is used for:

  • payments for placement of products, services, tickets and offers in the catalog
  • payments for targeted advertising within the network
  • transfers between the app users
  • purchasing NFTs and other digital assets
  • incentives paid to the active users of the app.
  • voting in the project roadmap changes and improvements.


ESCUDO Token Cycle

  • Advertisements - Escudo token is used for advertisement services in the Digital Portugal metaverse.
  • Services - Escudo tokens are used as a payment method between the users of the app.
  • Products - Products and services can be purchased with Escudo tokens at a discount. This is made possible by special pricing agreements with partnering vendors.
  • Digital Assets / NFTs - Escudos can be used to buy project-related NFTs. This method allows for keeping the ownership rights in a digital form, which is useful for digital sales.
  • Buyback - Digital Portugal will spend 10% of its profit to buy back the tokens to accumulate positive token interest over the long term.
  • Active Member Payouts - A part of the token will be used to incentivize influencers and social leaders bring positive input to the Digital Portugal network.


Project Roadmap

A SOCIAL NETWORK, an ecosystem formed by the community of Digital Portugal users.
ESCUDO TOKENS — the internal centralized currency of the Digital Portugal ecosystem.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL MESSENGER — a built-in messenger app for communication, compatible with Android & iOS devices.
ELECTRONIC WALLET mini-apps, integrated into the Digital Portugal mobile app, including one for the AdVcash payment system, with the ability to issue virtual and prepaid cards from MasterCard.
MONEY TRANSFERS — Instant money transfers between users of Digital Portugal, by connecting BSC wallets, without any additional commission.
WEB MODULE INTEGRATION PLUGIN — API for financial and other external institutions.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL MERCHANT — an option of processing of crypto-currency and fiat payments directly in the Digital Portugal app.
ESCUDO CASHBACK — a loyalty program repaying business users a part of the amount for the purchase.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL FREELANCE — a platform for ordering services and selecting the matching provider.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL REAL ESTATE & RENTAL — a tool for offering and searching for housing with a low commission with offfers supplied by the network members.
SEARCH OF WORK AND EMPLOYEES with the possibility of personal contact through the application.
MODULE “AROUND ME” — a cartographic service based on Google Maps.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL OFFERS — a business promotion tool based on a targeted unique offer.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL CRM — a set of partner integrations with profiles of the Digital Portugal microverse members.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL PUSH — a targeted advertising service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL ADVERTISEMENT — a tool for native advertisements in the Digital Portugal app.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL E-COMMERCE TOOL — an easy control panel to sell goods for small and medium-sized businesses.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL FEEDBACK — a public evaluation / service quality feedback collection service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL CHARITY — a module providing users with the ability to quickly crowd-raise funds.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL LEGAL MUSIC & RADIO — a module providing users with new legal music (free and paid licenses).
DIGITAL PORTUGAL LOCAL DELIVERY — a fast food / local produce delivery service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL TAXI — taxi service and a car-sharing module.

How To Buy Escudo Token

To proceed, please select your desired number of 100-stacks and click "Purchase".

During checkout, please enter your data and pay with BNB or BUSD. Your ESCUDO tokens will be airdropped (sent to your wallet) shortly.


Once purchased

This tutorial shows how to display your ESCUDO tokens in your Metamask wallet:


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