Digital Portugal users can order advertisement services and pay with ESCUDO token.

Users can also use ESCUDOs to purchase products and services in the app at a discounted rate, in accordance with vendor partner pricing agreements.

ESCUDO tokens can be transferred between users.

ESCUDO can be earned by making socially useful actions in the app, such as reviews or hours spent as a live chat support representative in the app. These actions are rewarded with ESCUDO.

Businesses with repeat orders become eligible for a 10% discount paid out in ESCUDO tokens as a cashback reward paid partially from the token buy-back rule.

See our roadmap for complete details about feature integration.

ESCUDO tokens can be exchanged for stablecoins: USDT, USDC, UST and others.

We are actively working on adding liquidity to the BSC and Polygon pools, in pairs with BNB, MATIC and BUSD.

Digital Portugal is a semi-automated service with remote office. The project has a minimal burn-rate, allowing for fast and efficient growth.

ESCUDO can be held for capital gain.

ESCUDO price is expected to appreciate over time due to a limited supply of tokens and the project’s commitment to buy back tokens in the amount of 10% of all fiat profits of the business.

ESCUDO token ownership gives token owners voting rights and other project/network benefits.


The ESCUDO token is a native utility token of the Digital Portugal project that is used internally to pay for services and products in the app.

A total token number of tokens is 22’786’081.

This token is planned to be listed on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, 1Inch Network and major centralized exchanges, such as FTX, Kraken, and then Binance.

A White-List ESCUDO Token Sale is LIVE!

Attention project supporters and investors! Click here for an option to swap your BNB/BUSD into the ESCUDO tokens at a flat rate!

Hard cap during this sale is 1’000’000 ESCUDO tokens with 20% of liquidity instantly going to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

About Digital Portugal

Digital Portugal is a regional civic tech network (a miniverse) in a mobile app with a live directory, a catalog and messenger functions.

The app includes a curated catalog of approved vendors that sell regional products and offer services in Portugal.

Users can select and order products and services from the catalog of the app, remotely connecting to a network of vendor representatives.


  • The app is bundled with instant communication features such as chats and video-conferening, aimed to instantly render services or perform sales.
  • The project has an easy-to use interface and the app is compatible with over 99.7% of mobile and desktop devices. 

Join Our Microverse

  • The Digital Portugal networking app is freely available for install from the Apple AppStore and Google Play market.
  • Its web version can be used in a mobile and a desktop browser and has most of the features of its mobile predeccessor.
  • ESCUDO token can be purchased directly via pre-sale or when listed on exchanges.

The Project History and a General Roadmap

Below is the roadmap of the Digital Portugal civic network. Blockchain functions implementations are planned for 2022.

Q1 – Q4, 2018

Start of project. Initial investments, a white paper.

First integrations of the platform backend, product design.

Q1 – Q4, 2019

Backend/admin panel launch, creation of a custom project catalog.

First android and iOS alpha-versions of the app.

Q1 – Q2, 2020

Launch of the android version and publication of the app in Google Play Market.

Partinering with Zoomarine,  AquaShow and other vendors in the tourism industry of Algarve.

Q3 – Q4, 2020

Launch of the iOS version and publication of the app in the Apple AppStore. Over 5000 active app users to date.

Launch of the web version. Introducing live video conferencing features.  Over 10’000 active users.

Q1 – Q2, 2021

Onboarding private entrepreneurs and sole proprietor service providers into the app.

Approaching government agencies for representation of government services right in the app.

Q3 – Q4, 2021

Design tokenomics of the Digital Portugal ecosystem.

Token launch on BSC network.

Q1 – Q2, 2022

ESCUDO token presale.

Launch of BNB and BUSD trading pairs on PancakeSwap.

Q3 – Q4, 2022

Add ESC into the app in a non-custodial wallet module.

National vendor advertisement campaign.

Q1 – Q2, 2023

Listing on centralized exchanges.

First buy-back of tokens.

The Escudo Token Cycle


Escudo token is used for advertisement services in the Digital Portugal metaverse.


Escudo tokens are used as a payment method between the users of the app.


Products and services can be purchased with Escudo tokens at a discount. This is made possible by special pricing agreements with partnering vendors.

Digital Assets / NFTs

Escudos can be used to buy project-related NFTs. This method allows for keeping the ownership rights in a digital form, which is useful for digital sales.


Digital Portugal will spend 10% of its profit to buy back the tokens to accumulate positive token interest over the long term.

Active Member Payouts

A part of the token will be used to incentivize influencers and social leaders bring positive input to the Digital Portugal network.

Why Tokenize

Adding decentralization to our ecosystem is a giant step up for our community and the entire project. Our clients will remain in full control of their accounts, chat history, digital ownership rights and have an ability to undock their account while retaining an importable record history in an encrypted backup on the blockchain.


Built-in regulatory compliance coded into protocol levels.


Self-executing Investor & Issues rights (dividends, buybacks etc)


Access to Global Markets 24/7/365

Fractional Ownership

Driving further liquidity for Issuers and Investors

Transparrent & Immutable

Providing more direct and certain ownerships to investors


Eliminate friction and middlemen


22’786’081 ESCUDOs.


Binance Smart Chain


No liquidity lock


Yes, with 15% of profit spent on token buyback


Team Ownership


Offered at this sale


IDO & Launchpads


Ecosystem Circulation


Treasury Reserve


Raised liquidity will allow accelerate things on our roadmap and boost growth of the Digital Portugal network.
Invest your BNB tokens in our ecological proof-of-stake ESCUDO token and be ready for its substantial growth.


The Digital Portugal app will use 15% of its profit to buy back the ESCUDO token.
Digital Portugal is an online-only project with next-to-zero maintenance costs.

All payments in the network are semi-automated and some are fully automated.

Any activity in the app will generate company profit by charging our providers with fees for connecting client interest.


  • A non-custodial ESCUDO wallet built in the app
  • Token balance display
  • Ability to send and receive ESCUDO tokens
  • A swap bridge with an ability to trade other tokens for ESCUDO
  • A built-in NFT market with an option to list digital rights for sale
  • A voting platform for token holders
  • A trading platform to list personal items for sale in the app, also offering ESCUDO as a payment method
Andrei Sorokin

Andrei Sorokin


Founder of the Connect Platform and investor of the Digital Portugal project.
Andrei’s mission is to popularize sustainable decentralized ecosystems.

Dmytro Pasenko

Dmytro Pasenko

Chief Technical Officer

Lead specialist, author of many technological inventions of the Connect Platform and an avid participant of the Digital Portugal project improvements.

Abigail Normand

Abigail Normand

Chief Information Officer

Abigail is a sales professional with deep connections in the Algarve region. She runs Algarve Property Guides – a real estate agency with an app, with a role of the chief information officer in the project.


The Digital Portugal is a private venture. Our mission is to offer a national live communication network and a Michelin-style catalog of Portuguese services and goods. In only a few steps we will connect international bulk buyers to provide local sellers with remote sales by video.

We fully understand the mission upon us and account for government support. We truly hope that implementing a proprietary decentralized digital payment solution is the first step on our path to the national Metaverse.

Check out a 2020 video message to the President de Sausa by our founder Mr. Andrei Sorokin. Today we invite everyone to the Digital Portugal network.