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A regional social media ecosystem for creators, fans, and businesses in Portugal


  • Users can instantly select and order the best products and services in Portugal by connecting to a network of remote vendors and other users of the app.
  • The Digital Portugal network is bundled with remote presence and instant communication features, aimed to render immediate services or sales, directly in a chat or over video-conferencing.
  • The project has an easy-to use mobile app that is compatible with 99.7% of smart devices globally. The app is available for install from the Apple AppStore, Google Play market. Its web app is accessible on any mobile or desktop browser.
  • Digital Portugal started in 2019 and is powered by the Connect Digitalization Platform.
  • The app has a straight-forward user onboarding funnel — its registration and segmenting procedure conversion rate reaches 70%.
  • Any user can represent a product or a service. The digital presence in the network is available to every Portuguese vendor directly and can be monetized by offering products and services in the app. The products are approved and published by staff.




Digital.PT Logo

We are looking forward to becoming a #1 regional microverse project in Portugal.

We constantly innovating and adding to our extensive roadmap.

Our team has been working on this project for over three years. We did all the right steps to build solid fundaments having vested substantial efforts to the project development and growth.

We invested 650K Euro of our own funds to bootstrap the project, to develop the technology, study the market, provide vendor education, operations, tools, business trips, meetups etc…

We are all in, and we will continue pouring in the efforts until this project becomes a unicorn.

Digital Portugal believes in a metaworld where the Portuguese residents only order the top products directly, will all the services interconnected in one app.

Here is a roadmap with a list of product advancements

A SOCIAL NETWORK, an ecosystem formed by the community of Digital Portugal users.
ESCUDO TOKENS — the internal centralized currency of the Digital Portugal ecosystem.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL MESSENGER — a built-in messenger app for communication, compatible with Android & iOS devices.
ELECTRONIC WALLET mini-apps, integrated into the Digital Portugal mobile app, including one for the AdVcash payment system, with the ability to issue virtual and prepaid cards from MasterCard.
MONEY TRANSFERS — Instant money transfers between users of Digital Portugal, by connecting BSC wallets, without any additional commission.
WEB MODULE INTEGRATION PLUGIN — API for financial and other external institutions.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL MERCHANT — an option of processing of crypto-currency and fiat payments directly in the Digital Portugal app.
ESCUDO CASHBACK — a loyalty program repaying business users a part of the amount for the purchase.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL FREELANCE — a platform for ordering services and selecting the matching provider.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL REAL ESTATE & RENTAL — a tool for offering and searching for housing with a low commission with offfers supplied by the network members.
SEARCH OF WORK AND EMPLOYEES with the possibility of personal contact through the application.
MODULE “AROUND ME” — a cartographic service based on Google Maps.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL OFFERS — a business promotion tool based on a targeted unique offer.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL CRM — a set of partner integrations with profiles of the Digital Portugal microverse members.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL PUSH — a targeted advertising service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL ADVERTISEMENT — a tool for native advertisements in the Digital Portugal app.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL E-COMMERCE TOOL — an easy control panel to sell goods for small and medium-sized businesses.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL FEEDBACK — a public evaluation / service quality feedback collection service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL CHARITY — a module providing users with the ability to quickly crowd-raise funds.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL LEGAL MUSIC & RADIO — a module providing users with new legal music (free and paid licenses).
DIGITAL PORTUGAL LOCAL DELIVERY — a fast food / local produce delivery service.
DIGITAL PORTUGAL TAXI — taxi service and a car-sharing module.

A Michelin-style Digital catalog of The Best of Portual

We’re on a mission to provide a Michelin-style catalog of top-rated offers and products to anyone who wants to experience the best of Portugal, directly from their phone, tablet or a desktop.

Digital Portugal is a revolutionary social media platform that enables users to earn a measurable income while keeping their personal information private and secure.

Our users will have a complete control of their personal data and content — they decide what’s shared, when it’s shared, with whom and for how long. Dialog and group messages can be unsent for user privacy, whenever needed.

We are a community, a global network of like-minded creators, companies, and businesses with a common goal: to enhance the way people connect, communicate and interact with the world.

Existing marketplaces, social media and conventional fiat ecosystems take a way some of the value generated by their creators and communities without fairly compensating them.

Digital Portugal plans to distribute the ownership of the platform among its users into a DAO and essentially eliminate any power held by third parties. We are putting the power of ownership into the hands of the token holders.

🗞 What’s next?

You can learn more and keep up to date with the team & community using the following links :

Thank you and welcome to Digital Portugal✌️.

Abigail Normand

Abigail Normand

Project Director

Amanda Monroe

Amanda Monroe

Public Relations

Rebecca Certon

Rebecca Certon

Product Team


We're Hiring

We are always on the look-out for experienced local guides, talented salesmen and product coordinators. Even though we are a small remote collaboration team with one office, we may have a few positions available as our project constantly grows.